Around the Verse: Episode 1.30 (2015.02.05)

<p>Star Citizen - The thirtieth episode features an interview with Rob Irving! We'll also spotlight the latest news from Cloud Imperium and the amazing work the fan community is doing!</p>
<p>0:16 - Intro/News</p>
<p>6:52 - Austin Studio Tour with Mark &amp; Jenny</p>
<p>12:24 - Underworld Ascendant Kickstarter with Richard Garriott</p>
<p>14:17 - MVP</p>
<p>15:09 - Interview with Rob Irving</p>
<p>23:50 - Sandi Goes to Flight School</p>
<p>29:56 - Upcoming This Weekend &amp; Sneak Peek</p>
<p>30:45 - Outro</p>
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