10 for the Developers: Episode 10

<p>This week, Senior Producer Eric Kieron Davis and Associate Rigger Gaige Hallman answer 10 questions from our development subscribers.</p>
<p>00:57 - Style Guides</p>
<p>01:54 - Clothes Layering System</p>
<p>04:32 - CIG Careers</p>
<p>08:49 - Realism</p>
<p>10:14 - Personal Lives</p>
<p>13:29 - Innovative Contributions</p>
<p>14:53 - Character Creator</p>
<p>16:43 - Loose Clothing Physics</p>
<p>18:17 - Evolution of SC</p>
<p>20:32 - Favorite Cloth</p>
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