10 for the Chairman: Episode 82

<p>The Chairman of Cloud Imperium Games Chris Roberts answers 10 questions from our development subscribers.</p>
<p>02:58 - Built in Starmap</p>
<p>04:43 - Ship Trials</p>
<p>05:42 - Future of Go Live</p>
<p>07:35 - EVA While Moving</p>
<p>10:13 - Repairing on the Fly</p>
<p>11:54 - Catapult System</p>
<p>14:59 - Cataclysmic Events</p>
<p>16:32 - Forward with Concept/Designs</p>
<p>19:51 - Bigger Hangars</p>
<p>23:31 - Stage a Terrorist Attack</p>
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