Arena Commander Patch 1.1.5a (Update 2)

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    • Arena Commander Patch 1.1.5a (Update 2)

      Update 2: Der 54 MB kleine Hotfix 1.1.5a behebt unter anderem Fehler im Audiobereich und dem GIM backend services, der zuvor ein Einloggen in Matches verhinderte.

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      Happy Monday everyone!

      We've brought down the the Live service at 130pm CDT/630pm GMT to update to 1.1.5a which addresses major issues with Friday's release, namely audio fixes of the new WWise integration and multiple updates to GIM backend services that have prevented you from logging in or joining matches (and in rare cases, outright crash your machine) as well as fixing the Friends list issue.

      Today's patch is a relatively small 54MB. Servers are now live!

      1.1.5a includes:

      - Audio fix for loops not stopping when they should
      - Additional audio limits set on objects
      - Various fixes for GIM backend services to prevent infinite load screens and crashing as well as fixing the Friends list issue.
      - MISC Freelanccers and Constellation Andromeda interiors are no longer colored completely black
      - Fixed rocket pods on Mustangs (though there will still be visual artifacts in this build)

      Thanks everyone and have a great day!


      Update: Mittlerweile ist der 1.1.5 Patch offiziell live gegangen.

      Nachfolgend die Highlights der (vorläufigen) Patchnotes:

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      - Battle Royale and Squadron Battles now support up to 16 players.
      - Vanduul Scythe and P-52 Merlin are Hangar- and Flight-Ready.
      - Accounts with Constellations will be given loaner Merlins; however, these loaners cannot be placed in a Hangar.
      - Multiplayer stuttering along with freezing issues on ship spawn/destruction have been addressed.
      - The “Electronic Access” button has replaced the Arena Commander button in the Main Menu.
      - Arena Commander and Star Marine icons will be seen in the Electronic Access Menu.
      - Arena Commander and Star Marine icons will be grayed out for accounts that do not have access to the respective module. (Note: Star Marine is NOT playable in this update.)
      - Game modes will have a red overlay for accounts that are invited to lobbies which contain game modes they do not have access to.
      - Players entering a game from the same Lobby will now always be on the same team.
      - All game content audio has been transitioned to the new WWise cross-platform sound engine.
      - Lobby now has music!

      Several game balance changes have also been introduced:

      - One hit kills have been reduced.
      - Gatling cannon spool time reduced; gun now fires while spooling.
      - Reduced CS missile damage.
      - Increased missile range.
      - Increase health for all human ships; some 2x, some 3x. Be sure to check Patch Notes for specific ship changes.
      - Weapon disparity per sizes increased.
      - Rebalanced boost consumption and recharge rates.
      - Rebalanced ship thrusters to be in line with ship goals.
      - Chaff dispersion has been increased.

      We’re also deploying several sizable new, backend technologies:

      - General Instance Manager (GIM). A full rewrite of the backend services that not only allocates and manages Arena Commander and Star Marine game server instances, but also the framework for multiplayer Hangars and the Persistent Universe game servers.
      - Matchmaker Service. A full rewrite of the matchmaking system that will keep players in public groups on the same teams, eliminate long waits, and resolves the issues of perpetual Match Not Founds.
      - “Phoenix” Dynamic Environments. A completely new backend service that allows us to spin up and scale services and environments at an exponentially faster rate with sharply improved stability. What does this mean for you, the players? We can scale up to test much faster to quickly and safely provide identical environments on Live that we use while in dev and in testing, and we can rapidly compensate for spikes in traffic.

      Known Issues (partial list):

      - Audio problems may exist throughout the client as we troubleshoot integration of the new WWise audio system.
      - Clients can occasionally get stuck on an infinite loading screen due to being connected with an instance that no longer exists .
      - Gameplay divergence can cause situations where it appears like a ship is being hit but not taking damage, when the shots are actually missing the ship.
      - The HUD and UI are completely missing throughout the tutorial.
      - Constellation Andromeda and Freelancers have much of their interiors a solid black.
      - Players cannot interact with the Merlin HUD.
      - Players may infrequently not be able to spawn after death in multiplayer matches.
      - Retaliator floor collision is disabled and players will fall through the floor.
      - Combustion Pistol cannot be equipped.
      - Characters may animate incorrectly when leaving ships.

      Please note that most of our content is unoptimized at this time, and machines may encounter higher CPU/GPU/RAM usage than normal with 1.1.5. We'll continue to investigate this and potential memory leaks with the client.


      Vor kurzem kam ein kleines neues Update für Arena Commander!

      Dabei soll es sich um das erste von vielen neuen Updates handeln die innerhalb der nächsten Woche erscheinen sollen.

      Inhalt des 40mb Patches sind zwei Gamescom Trophäen und eine extra Trophäe für Subscriber.

      Der nächste Patch wird dann Patch 1.1.5 sein welcher eine geschätzte Größe von voraussichtlich 25GB haben wird. Die Devs geben Patch 1.1.5 grade noch den letzten Feinschliff um ihn dann in den kommenden Tagen auf dem PTU zu veröffentlichen. Was jedoch sicher ist, ist das bei Patch 1.1.5 das FPS-Modul noch nicht enthalten ist.

      Genaue Patchnotes gab es zu dem Zu dem Zeitpunkt noch nicht. Diese werden aber weitergereicht.

      Falls jemand nach dem Update Probleme haben sollte, so gibt es hier zwei Lösungen für zwei größere Probleme:

      Spoiler anzeigen

      Quick updates on two issues:1) If you had the Unable to Load Metafile issue, please restart the Launcher now and select Retry All Patches. We've worked with DevOps to identify and fix the issue and all is working now. 2) If you have either "Failed to verify RSA signature of pak header: data\objects300i.pak" or "Failed to verify signature of pak header:data\objectscharacters.pak", this is caused by incomplete/bad patching and altered .pak files. You'll need to re-download the entire client to fix this issue.


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    • Update:
      Arena Commander 1.1.5 ist jetzt auf dem PTU!

      Das Update ist etwa 25GB groß und bringt den neuen Launcher mit sich.

      Highlights des ganzen sind untere anderem:
      • Merlin und Scythe sind nun Flugfähig.
      • Bis zu 16 Spieler auf Battle Royale und Squadron Battles.
      • Hitpoints der menschlichen Schiffe wurden verdoppelt.
      • und vieles mehr!
      Es wurde außerdem sehr viel am Backend getan. Der neue Generic Instance Manager (GIM) ist nun aktiv und auch das Matchmaking wurde überarbeitet.

      Infos zum PTU und dem neuen Patch findet ihr hier.
    • Heute erfolgt ein erneutes PTU-Update mit nachfolgenden Änderungen:

      Launcher Updates:

      - New music added.
      - Music volume lowered.
      - Username remembered.

      PLEASE NOTE: Launcher 2.0 is currently being tested on PTU, but it will NOT be part of the upcoming 1.1.5 Publish to Live. Players will continue to use the older launcher as we continue to work on features required for a wider release.

      Additional 1.1.5 Game Balance and Updates:

      - Merlin will now be available to Andromeda owners.
      - Reduced drift on the Merlin.
      - Updated Merlin thruster effects.
      - Increased rotational strength and tightened up lateral strafe on Hornet.
      - Increased ballistic damage vs shields.
      - Reduced Gatling spin up time; the gun now fires while spooling up.
      - Increased Suckerpunch range.
      - Reduced energy absorption of armor.
      - Increased overheat and cooldown times on Vanduul Scythe lasers.
      - Increased boost consumption.
      - Tutorial Vanduul now have difficulty suitable for intro tutorial.
      - Shield values for Vanduul in Vanduul Swarm have been reduced.

      Additional 1.1.5 Fixes:

      - Fixed Comstab indicator.
      - Fixed an issue where game instances were consumed without spinning the instance up.
      Fixed an issue that was causing clients to get kicked back to hangar
      due where client connected to a match but never finish the connection
      - Fixed spectator camera issue of uncontrollable shaking.
      - Fixed hangar elevators that were causing crashes.
      - Fixed a server crash that was causing large amounts of players to disconnect.
      - Fixed issues preventing Tutorial completion.
      - Fixed an issue where the Merlin would randomly change direction when boosting.

    • Update: neuer Hotfix! 1.1.5A
      Etwa 54mb Groß

      • Audio fix for loops not stopping when they should
      • Additional audio limits set on objects
      • Various fixes for GIM backend services to prevent infinite load screens and crashing as well as fixing the Friends list issue.
      • MISC Freelanccers and Constellation Andromeda interiors are no longer colored completely black
      • Fixed rocket pods on Mustangs (though there will still be visual artifacts in this build)