10 for the Developers: Episode 05

<p>Associate Producer Randy Vasquez and Quality Assurance Lead Vincent Sinatra take 10 questions from our development subscribers.</p>
<p>00:48 - Frustrating Game Aspects</p>
<p>01:44 - Bug Hunters</p>
<p>03:12 - Issue Council</p>
<p>04:26 - Support Testing Better</p>
<p>08:14 - QA Team Work Load</p>
<p>10:20 - Retesting Bugs</p>
<p>11:56 - Making Feedback More Useful</p>
<p>15:50 - Future PU Plans</p>
<p>18:10 - Developing Priorities</p>
<p>21:05 - This Year in Review</p>
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