10 for the Developers: Episode 03

<p>CG Supervisor Forest Stephan and Senior Producer Eric Kieron Davis answer 10 questions from our development subscribers.</p>
<p>00:45 - Alien Ship Concept</p>
<p>04:26 - Ship Pipeline Improvements</p>
<p>09:23 - Aquila, Phoenix, and Taurus Remodel</p>
<p>12:34 - Implementing the New Damage Tech</p>
<p>15:15 - Creating Characters</p>
<p>20:55 - Pipeline for Minor NPCs</p>
<p>22:58 - Clothing Style Guides</p>
<p>25:44 - Character Customization</p>
<p>27:49 - Retaliator Commercial</p>
<p>30:11 - Non-Human Character Updates</p>
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