10 for the Developers: Episode 01

<p>Mix and Match! Designer Matt Sherman and Writer Dave Haddock answer 10 questions from our development subscribers.</p>
<p>00:56 - Developement fiction</p>
<p>03:04 - Belly Cameras</p>
<p>04:01 - Alien Races vs Humanity Writing Challenges</p>
<p>06:03 - Holding Areas for Items</p>
<p>07:31 - 4th Starship</p>
<p>08:53 - Seeding Clues In the Lore</p>
<p>11:00 - Will Players Eventually Be Recognized by Inhabitants</p>
<p>13:28 - Ships Owned by Orginizations</p>
<p>14:46 - Advanced Alien Tech</p>
<p>17:11 - Viruses</p>
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