Around the Verse: Episode 2.11

<p>It's Christmas Eve, and we've left Ben home alone... This week: Lighting Artist Emre Switzer on the ATV Interview, and we take a Behind the Scenes look at working Quality Assurance with the Austin QA Team.</p>
<p>01:29 - Intro</p>
<p>04:33 - News From Around the Verse</p>
<p>14:48 - Gameplay Video (<woltlab-metacode data-name="media" data-attributes="W10=">

<p>15:43 - ATV Interview with Emre Switzer</p>
<p>23:05 - ATV Behind the Scenes: QA</p>
<p>41:26 - Gameplay Video (<woltlab-metacode data-name="media" data-attributes="W10=">
<p>42:46 - MVP (<a href="">https://robertsspaceindustries…otlight/969-Pixel-Citizen</a>)</p>
<p>43:05 - Art Sneak Peek</p>
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