Around the Verse: Episode 2.21

<p>SPACE MUSIC... or NEPTUNES! (I'm so sorry...) Welcome to this Pedro-tastic edition of Around the Verse. Meet the composer behind Star Citizen's soundtrack in not one but TWO segments, and hear some newly orchestrated music while you do!</p>
<p>01:49 - Intro</p>
<p>11:00 - News From Around the Verse</p>
<p>22:13 - ATV Interview with Pedro Camacho</p>
<p>37:01 - ATV Rewind: The 300i Commercial</p>
<p>39:49 - ATV Behind the Scenes: The Music</p>
<p>54:26 - MVP (<a href=""></a>)</p>
<p>55:27 - Art Sneak Peek</p>
<p>Gameplay Highlight: <woltlab-metacode data-name="media" data-attributes="W10=">

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