Around the Verse: Episode 1.41 (2015.04.23)

<p>It's that time again! Around the Verse Episode 41 is NOW. We have an interview with Animation Director, Steve bender! Mark is back with Bug Smashers and SPACE PLANTS are taking over the hosting desk.</p>
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<p>1:27 - News from Around The Verse</p>
<p>10:28 - "Shooting Cerephs" by Reondryt Guruthos</p>
<p>10:51 - Subscriber's Corner with Alexis Lesnick</p>
<p>18:37 - Game balance discussion with Mark Abent &amp; Matt Sherman</p>
<p>22:32 - Bugsmashers</p>
<p>28:14 - "Remote Self Destruct" by Frog of Knowledge</p>
<p>28:45 - Animation discussion with Steve Bender &amp; Lance Powell</p>
<p>34:50 - HATS!</p>
<p>35:24 - Hull Series concept sale info!</p>
<p>36:08 - Sneak Peek- What's that Spaceship?</p>
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