10 for the Developers: Episode 09

<p>Writer Adam Weiser and Character Artist Omar Aweidah answer 10 questions from our development subscribers.</p>
<p>01:10 - Appearance Variations</p>
<p>05:26 - NPC AI</p>
<p>08:46 - Female Characters</p>
<p>12:51 - Lore Polling</p>
<p>16:00 - Physical Types</p>
<p>19:02 - Novels</p>
<p>22:36 - What Would You Wear?</p>
<p>24:57 - Local Group and Planet Support</p>
<p>27:16 - Character Customization</p>
<p>30:21 - Alien Language in Lore Post</p>
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