10 for the Chairman: Episode 81

<p>Chairman of Cloud Imperium Games Chris Roberts answers 10 questions from our development subscribers.</p>
<p>02:15 - Manually Activated Flight Modes</p>
<p>04:32 - Distress Beacon</p>
<p>06:30 - Localization</p>
<p>09:04 - Ship Mounted Shotgun</p>
<p>13:08 - Group Ship Updates</p>
<p>17:11 - More Slots in the Instance</p>
<p>25:12 - Future Concept Ships</p>
<p>28:36 - Company Synergy Bonuses When Choosing Components</p>
<p>30:19 - Piloting Large Ships</p>
<p>32:49 - Glaive for Spare Parts</p>
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