10 for the Producers: Episode 13

<p>Gone to Texas with Jason Hutchins and Jake Ross!</p>
<p>00:54 - Developing Game Play Mechanics</p>
<p>03:39 - Continued Roll Out after PU launches</p>
<p>04:45 - Storyline of Starmarine</p>
<p>06:44 - Challenges of Restructering</p>
<p>08:21 - What I'm Proud Of</p>
<p>10:12 - How much time is spent updating</p>
<p>14:49 - How do Keep Track on a Weekly Basis</p>
<p>17:53 - How do you plan on building out the Persistant Universe</p>
<p>21:16 - What the Team is Excited baout Working On</p>
<p>24:18 - Casaba Outlet</p>
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