10 for the Producers: Episode 12

<p>This week Eric Kieron Davis and Darian Vorlick answer questions from our development subscribers.</p>
<p>00:51 - Favorite Assets</p>
<p>02:47 - Maintaining and Overview</p>
<p>07:09 - Duration Estimates</p>
<p>09:41 - Organizational Changes</p>
<p>12:20 - Managing Difficult Projects</p>
<p>15:30 - Staff Changes in Different Departments</p>
<p>21:46 - Multiple Development Streams</p>
<p>25:57 - Managing Component Complexity</p>
<p>30:42 - Mad Max or Jurassic Park</p>
<p>34:51 - Jira</p>
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