10 for the Producers: Episode 11

<p>We sat down with Darian Vorlick and Lisa Ohanian to take 10 questions from our Subscribers.</p>
<p>00:41 - Setting Release Dates</p>
<p>03:37 - How Many People Work on a Ship</p>
<p>05:51 - Setting Work Time Frames</p>
<p>09:53 - Component Pipeline</p>
<p>11:58 - Bug Fixing Timeline</p>
<p>14:06 - Working Between Studios</p>
<p>17:56 - Supporting Network Devices.</p>
<p>20:01 - Working on a Crowd Funded Game</p>
<p>24:12 - Pipeline for Writers</p>
<p>26:58 - When an Employee Leaves Cloud Imperium</p>
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