10 for the Producers: Episode 09 (2015.07.13)

<p>Two of the producers at CIG Santa Monica, Darian Vorlick and Eric Kieron Davis, are back to answer your questions about Star Citizen!</p>
<p>00:42 - Producer or Project Manager</p>
<p>03:12 - Smoking while dogfighting</p>
<p>05:15 - Being a 3D Environment Artists</p>
<p>08:55 - Merging AC and SM builds</p>
<p>11:09 - How to be a Producer</p>
<p>14:30 - Rapid iteration of an in Alpha Game</p>
<p>17:03 - Project Status Page</p>
<p>19:46 - Time frames</p>
<p>23:15 - Fighting Feature Creep</p>
<p>27:43 - From idea to Completion</p>
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