10 for the Producers: Episode 08 (2015.06.22)

<p>Two of the producers at CIG Santa Monica, Travis Day and Eric Kieron Davis, answer your questions about Star Citizen!</p>
<p>0:37 - Development stability in module integration</p>
<p>2:59 - Accounting for the unexpected in development timelines</p>
<p>6:20 - Breaking down asset development by type</p>
<p>9:28 - Staffing a project</p>
<p>14:45 - Minimizing delays in production</p>
<p>18:49 - Difficult aspects of being a Senior Producer</p>
<p>21:28 - Planning (Science vs Gut Instinct)</p>
<p>25:29 - Sharpening your skills as a producer</p>
<p>31:50 - The process of implementing a new feature in Star Citizen</p>
<p>35:45 - Resolving creative disagreements during development</p>
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