10 for the Producers: Episode 05 (2015.04.20)

<p>Two of the producers in Santa Monica, Travis Day and Darian Vorlick, answer your burning questions about Star Citizen.</p>
<p>1:05 - Retractable wings in space</p>
<p>2:35 - Radiating heat within your ship and masking for stealth</p>
<p>5:05 - Visual gesturing and communicating with others</p>
<p>6:59 - Facial capture and animating fans in-game</p>
<p>9:14 - FPS module release tease</p>
<p>12:35 - Backer-driven changes in-game</p>
<p>15:08 - Prioritizing bug fixes in development</p>
<p>19:35 - Balancing the damage system</p>
<p>22:00 - Upgrade variations between ships</p>
<p>24:15 - Top speed limitations and potential expansions</p>
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