10 for the Designers: Episode 05 (2015.06.29)

<p>Matt Sherman and Calix Reneau, two of the designers at CIG Santa Monica, answer your questions about Star Citizen!</p>
<p>00:57 - Repairing your ship the way you want to</p>
<p>01:51 - Ship Repair mechanically</p>
<p>05:15 - Crafting and building structures</p>
<p>08:11 - Updating Damage States</p>
<p>09:45 - Automatic Ship Repair?</p>
<p>11:28 - Replacing Hull Panels</p>
<p>13:03 - Contributing While Offline</p>
<p>16:55 - Transporting Perishables</p>
<p>18:26 - Repairing in Saftey</p>
<p>20:34 - Open Hostility in the PU</p>
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