10 for the Designers: Episode 04 (2015.06.08)

<p>Two of the designers at CIG Santa Monica, Calix Reneau and Matthew Sherman, answer your questions about Star Citizen!</p>
<p>0:24 - Angle of impact in damage system</p>
<p>2:19 - Shielding weapon mounts</p>
<p>4:21 - Ship Role modification</p>
<p>5:55 - Small ship flight model changes ahead?</p>
<p>8:48 - Volumetric handling of ore and fuel</p>
<p>10:42 - Bigger shields on bigger ships?</p>
<p>12:25 - "The Calculator"</p>
<p>15:15 - Seat roles in multicrew</p>
<p>16:47 - Foregoing offensive for all defensive approach?</p>
<p>18:32 - Mix and Match armor pieces</p>
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