10 for the Designers: Episode 03 (2015.05.11)

<p>This week Game Designers Pete Mackay and Matt Sherman stop by to answer your questions.</p>
<p>00:51 - Coop Missions in the PU</p>
<p>01:49 - Hull Breach!</p>
<p>02:45 - TR Talk</p>
<p>03:48 - Thruster Force</p>
<p>05:00 - Fuel Efficiency</p>
<p>06:18 - Weapon Sizes</p>
<p>07:34 - Escaping from a fight</p>
<p>08:40 - Ship speed and acceleration</p>
<p>10:10 - Cargo on Small ships</p>
<p>11:19 - Redeemer Talk</p>
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