10 for the Artists: Episode 04

<p>While the Chairman was away prepping for Gamescom, we sat down with Artists Forrest Stephan and Omar Aweidah to take 10 questions from our Subscribers.</p>
<p>00:37 - Rejected Concept Art</p>
<p>04:44 - How to Stay Motivated</p>
<p>06:34 - Buying a New Ship</p>
<p>09:03 - More Concept Art</p>
<p>10:48 - Visualizing Interiors and Size during Conception.</p>
<p>13:10 - Ranking Possible Influential/Inspirational Material.</p>
<p>16:43 - Helmets on Multi-Monitor Displays</p>
<p>18:29 - Style Guides</p>
<p>21:47 - Closed Back of Helmets</p>
<p>25:59 - Alien Races</p>
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