10 for the Writers: Episode 05

<p>Will Weissbaum. Adam Wieser. Two Writers. Your Questions. Let's roll.</p>
<p>00:44 - Alien Technology</p>
<p>03:38 - Aspects of Exploration</p>
<p>05:20 - Writing for a Developing Game</p>
<p>06:52 - The Vanduul</p>
<p>08:50 - Jump Point Short Stories</p>
<p>10:35 - More Community Story crossovers</p>
<p>13:07 - Current Projects</p>
<p>15:18 - Live NPCs</p>
<p>17:28 - Galactapedia</p>
<p>20:30 - Multi-part Stories</p>
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