10 for the Writers: Episode 04 (2015.07.06)

<p>Two of the writers at CIG Santa Monica answer you burning questions about the lore in Star Citizen.</p>
<p>00:52 - UGC with Galactapedia</p>
<p>02:21 - Language in 2945</p>
<p>04:43 - Priority of Canon</p>
<p>06:30 - UEE as the Roman Empire</p>
<p>09:00 - Players being entered into the Galactapedia</p>
<p>11:45 - UEE military testing</p>
<p>14:22 - Updating the Galactapedia</p>
<p>16:50 - Principal of non interference of medical services?</p>
<p>19:16 - Size of the Galactapedia</p>
<p>20:56 - Writing for mechanics</p>
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